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Clouds - a peek at the work in progress

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A peek at the clouds being developed for OT. Note these are WIP shots, the rendering is incomplete and there are still many bugs and other issues with it.

[*] clouds are volumetric, generated from a noise with a variable threshold that allows to alter % of cloud cover
[*] the screens above are showing just the volumes, without a finer cloud mask applied that will provide additional detail especially up close
[*] it's designed so that there can be a rougher global cloud map used in the future, defining the local cloud density
[*] currently uses just a single layer of clouds, but can use multiple
[*] the cloud rendering back-end is suitable also for things like contrails and rocket trails

Apart from a variety of bugs and glitches that have to be addressed before the release, there are also other things that have to be implemented:
[*] animation, working with globally changing weather
[*] effect of cloud cover on the atmospheric lighting - attenuating the amount of diffuse and inscattered light under clouds
[*] specific cloud types, multiple layers
[*] shadows

best clouds ever, cryengine be afraid, be very afraid....

Looking great!!!

you guys are amazing. everytime it gets a little silent around ot, i fear you have run into some serious dead end. and everytime you come around with some major breakthrough afterwards. outstanding i must say. especially the cloud topic was very interesting for me. i have gotten into it a little myself lately by lecturing david eberts book on procedural texturing and modeling and found the chapters on gaseous volumina and clouds particularly interesting. i have ever since been thrilled to see what solution you woud be coming around with. can you give a little technical details on which exact methods you chose, and why?

well their silence means they're hard at work ;)


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