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Speed Boat


The first more or less working boat model. Rough-and-ready

Folder from the archive to put in ..\Outerra Anteworld\packages\outerra

List of bugs:
1. Poorly tuned physics
2. No sounds (soon add)
3. The boat is in the section with cars

To quickly slow down, turn on the reverse.


Looks pretty good! Found a few issue. the gas handles and driving wheel dont draw correctly. Also i couldn't spawn it, it does not show in the vehicle for me but it  does in building. Could you make an OTX?

You can edit the .objdef file of your boat and set "physics" to "watercraft". This should move your boat in the right section.

Think i did miss the speedboat name in vehicle because i was looking for the name  'boat', but it was there and now it show in the watercraft tab, thanks to Necro.

M7, necro, in OTX will do later, I have no time, alas. File .objdef i'll fix later.


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