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Author Topic: About importing car models in other games  (Read 4900 times)


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About importing car models in other games
« on: June 10, 2015, 09:50:11 am »

Recently I find a mod for the game rFactor which is called "Shift Street". It has a expansion package which contains a huge amount of cars(about 600 models). I can't verify the source because the only place I see the package is in a forum. The official site only has a relatively simple version of the mod.
I downloaded the mod and the package(which is over 20G......) and found that these cars are usable and have relatively unique models, physics and sounds.
I don't know modeling at all, but I wonder whether these models are possible to be converted and used in outerra. This may fulfill the gap that we are short of cars^_^(at least I think so)
This is the site which I find the package(in Chinese and contains a link to the car list)
The official site