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A little talk about watercraft parameters for vehicles


  Hi there Cameni !
Have a little knowledge vacuum about the watercraft parameters and their application on amphibious vehicles.  I looked over the wiki ( documentation and wanted to ask about the draft region (from the image).

I would like to know if the draft region is taken as a part in the engine like a kind of collision mesh. After a little speculation on the BTR, i found out, that if i set the needed parameters (and the H1 and H2 above the vehicles floor plate), it obstructs on-land vehicle movements, as if the collision mesh would now be set just to the base wheel "ground level" posing like an movement retarder. Just like it would apply the draft region on the ground too. (been experimenting, s if i set the wheel suspension minimum under zero (so under the wheel "ground level") and suspension stiffnes so high, that it barely moves the wheels upwards, no drag is present, doe any boulder or rock higher the actual "ground level" makes it drag and reduces the speeds dramatically (in my engine settings to 8-4 km/h) as any terrain incline too).

 -- If it is taken as a collision mesh for classical ships, is there (or could there be) a way to define another height parameter (from conus tip to the vehicle-base plate) to witch it would ignore collisions whyte the terrain ?

It's just a definition of the volume that pushes the water out and thus contributes to the hydrostatic force. It does not collide by itself. However, there are two automatically placed collision points (virtual wheels) that are placed on the bottom edge whenever you set h1/h2 parameters, so that the boat can react to the terrain.

Clearly, we need a way to turn that off for amphibious vehicles.

... virtual wheels ? ... well, seems that may be the thing. Thought the jumping at breaking the vehicle seemed odd.

I will be adding them only when there are no other wheels defined, that should resolve it.


--- Quote from: PytonPago on December 25, 2013, 06:33:34 pm ---... virtual wheels ? ... well, seems that may be the thing. Thought the jumping at breaking the vehicle seemed odd.

--- End quote ---

This is awesome!  :D


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