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Middle-Earth world update - biomes alpha

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A new update from the ME-DEM project - an alpha version of biomes (land colors and vegetation density map) for the existing elevation dataset.

This version is just an alpha release to get the M-E world viewable again, since the new Anteworld versions require biome data and will not work the standalone elevation dataset anymore.

Provided you have the latest Outerra Tech Demo/Anteworld version installed or updated, please download and launch the following otx mods that will add "medem" planet, selectable in the initial login window:

Full M-E data set (1.1 GB):
middle-earth-v1.1.otx (Google Drive)

Just the color data (152 MB, download only if you already have the M-E elevation dataset installed):
middle-earth-v1.1-colors.otx (Google Drive)

Please note this version of biomes is basically a placeholder until the right ones are produced. You will see many bugs caused by misalignment of the data (especially the river beds), some odd colors etc.

Thanks Cameni for sorting out the biome info for MeDem. At some stage soon we must give you better data so that we can all anjoy a Mordor that isnt a desert and any other number of faults in the data we have given you. The engine is looking very nice and I look forward to trying out medem data in the latest version.

Made the tolkien world a lot more interesting indeed ...

Awesome stuff! Yep, we need to do some more work on this, (Mordor especially), but this is a big step in the right direction.


I'd be interested in getting my hands on the DEM data. I've spent about an hour now trying to find it to no avail. Is there any way to extract it from the OTX file? My main goal is to get an elevation heightmap for importation into Minecraft's tools (i.e., World Painter) to work on a Middle-Earth map.

I've got the free trial of Global Mapper up for the next 2 weeks if that's needed or would help.

Anything you've got in the way of info would be greatly appreciated!

And btw, looks superb! Kudos to both the Outera guys and the guys on the ME-DEM project!

Take care.


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