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jet cutter


It this weekends i have finished my jet engine boat/

You can downloat it from here:

This model used sounds of soviet jet engine D-30 from tupolev-134. (Sounds was taken from freeware project tu-134 by SCS for microsoft flight simulator)

P.S. this post is dublicate from russian branch

a very speed boat, i like  :)

This boat is insane. Just dont use the external view when using this at max speed. It seems its top speed is relative to the distance the camera is from the boat and before ya know it you will be doing back flips of the ocean to only bounce up into orbit around the earth. I kid you not. I wish I took a screen shot. A boat orbiting the planet. Hehe

-=[ SPACE BOAT ]=-

Orbiting a planet near you!

At this point I had to bail, lest I be lost in the dark empty vast of Outerra deep space! Oh yeah, and my scuba gear wasn't working too well for breathing for some reason  :o

lol... Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod, anyone?....  ;)


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