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You can download it to your Outerra data folder (c:\users\yourwinname\outerra\data).

Full earth2 download (24GB, includes rivers): earth2.torrent

Note: to use Outerra Tech Demo without internet connection, run "outerra.exe -demo" from the command line. At the moment this only works with the demo mode, for full mode you have to have internet connection.

Reference map:

Brilliant, thank you cameni!

I downloaded the cvd from the google docs link on the other thread, but I had some issues with it, .otx is a nice treat! :)

Hi guys

What an awesome program!  I, too, am a complete newb but have just downloaded the full data set (without cvd) but the data is still rather blurry and keeps updating significantly when running. Australia (my country) is REALLY blurry and missing ALL detail. I have included a screenshot of my data directory and the included folder directory located in the cfg file. My question is:  Should that read D:\Anteworld\terrain\data ???

When I login to Outerra I am given the option of Earth or medem (middle earth) and I select earth.    Am I to understand that the cvd will make all the difference or is my directory wrong?

Well...I installed the cvd files and the constant downloads have stopped but things haven't improved in Australia. It's murky and un-detailed at best. It's a shame because we have such a beautiful country. This screenshot is the best I could get from above with sunlight adjusted etc. most of the place looks like it's shrouded in night time. Am I doing something wrong here???

Something's wrong there. Looks like flooded (world.cfg sea level touched?).

The cvd files should be ok, they are checked against checksums, so it's likely something else. Do you have your graphics drivers updated?


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