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Amazing! I hope Outerra has something like this some day. :3

Yea this is beautiful!

It is amazing the level of detail which is going into simulations these days. With Outerra, Star Citizen/Squadron 44, BeamNG, and this Ocean Simulator amongst others I can only stand in amazement at the way things are developing these days.

We are at an interesting time for game development and simulation that is for sure. Since the 90's the graphics fidelity has taken center stage which in alot of cases has compromised the basic gameplay and realism of many titles where this priority was totally imbalanced. But now with better hardware, and greater functionality in our software tools it seems in many cases development of game dynamics is starting to become very important. And that is definitely a good thing to see.

I can only imagine what games will be like in 2020. I am already at awe about things which came about through 2013 let alone 6/7 years from now.


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