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Thanks, I'll definitely go through this!

I quickly browsed the blog, outerra have been in development for 8 years now, that's pretty impressive, I hope the efforts are paying.

I've read that outerra is mostly used for a military simulator, but this sort of engine have a really big potential for gaming application, or am I mistaken?

I don't really know what the dev team thinks about gaming, and if there were offers at some point, but as a developer this engine makes me dream. I'm curious to think what a game designer would think about this engine, and what would be possible to do with this.

I always had this idea that p2p networking/clustered game servers with a very large world like anteworld could really bring a lot of new possibilities for online gaming. For example the multiplayer experience of GTA 5 seems like it's popular, but with anteworld it would really be something else... but maybe I have illusions of grandeur.

I hope OSM data with cities will happen soon!


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