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December 1, 2015
This model was my first experiment in the world of Outerra.
Now, with any changes in the controls, and the introduction of "extended commands" no longer works.
There is no reason to fix it because there is a later and more developed at this address:


Original Post:  February 26, 2014

I built a small Orca to explore the oceans of Anteworld. I hope you like it.
I would like to know only the impressions of someone who uses it with Oculus Rift.
Thank you.

The first Video:

To download the ORCA:

At first I thought this was going to be the boat from jaws.. I was pleasantly surprised.

How the hell.. It did a backflip! First post and you post this? Crazy.

pretty nice animation

Really like that! Thanks!
Let's create a wildlife simulator!

I came back from work and now I turned on the computer. Thanks for the compliments!


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