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I've seen some very nice ideas here, and I'd like to contribute my own.

My idea for a game in the Outerra engine is a Medieval City Manager/Builder. But not RTS style (even though that would be great too). But in first person.
So you, the mayor of the city are playing yourself. You can than talk with every person in your city, and visit every (public) building. You must assign tasks to people, set up jobs, manage taxes etc. But you would also have many private affairs, like feasts and relationships. You still have to locate where buildings, roads and walls will be placed like in an RTS ofcourse.

In the beginning it would be hard, you maybe start with 5 men or so. Of course your first priority is food, so you let your people build farms, or let them hunt. Eventually years pass by and you have a beautiful, managed city. Maybe there could me more AI cities for diplomacy etc. This game could either be on Earth, or in a made up world, but with no monsters etc. (A bit like Mount & Blade). I would really like a very in-depth, micromanagement medieval city builder.

I have some pretty good programming experience, but I can't really model or texture, and I can't do a project like this alone of course. So if anyone would like this too, we could maybe start it together.

You may find my attempt an interesting read...


Interesting! I can definitely see how games like mine can use this.
I'll keep track of your stuff.

Consumer Smith:
I found this thread while searching for "first person city building game" because this concept interests me. I also happen to own and love Outerra. This would be PERFECT for the Outerra engine in my opinion.

Northern Shadow is the only game I've found that claims to be a first person city builder. Has anyone found anything else?

Consumer Smith,

Upon seeing a description and video about CivCraft, Legends of Ellaria, Northern Shadow leapt to my mind.



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