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Outerra Tech Demo download. Help with graphics driver issues

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Author Topic: Think Outerra is up to this?  (Read 10866 times)


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Re: Think Outerra is up to this?
« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2014, 11:40:37 pm »

I think outerra should be able to do it and soon.. Because the engine have centimeters of precision..
Its just add some very good mesh archive (lets say 1 meter), and a very good texture much more accurate than actual 500 m, lets say 100 m for add much more chromatic richness which is stil a lack of the actual outerra engine (of course because is in alfa, and its stil amazing in alfa).

If Cameni or Angry can read here. I would make a couple of nice suggestions.

Firstly, I would do a test right now for the people can see how accurate and how powerful outerra can be.. 
For example in the grand canion, Himalayas. Or some important place where is posible to get some accurate mesh (somehow legaly of course and just a part, not all the world). And adding a 100 m texture (i would even do a test with satelital 1 m texture, so we would see what outerra is capable to do..
It would be amazing to fly, drive and walk there.. And would be a hook for the new people or even investors  seeing the amazing videos.
It would be just a little place, which would be even added not in the main download, but like an option (because i know the actual problem having and mixing two diferent mesh qualities).

For me this would be a must be in outerra and soon.
Somebody put here a picture from 'Teide', in Santa Cruz de Tenerife..
If you go to google earth, you will see that those islands have at least 1 meter resolution Mesh!! (Compared to the normal 60 or 90 m).. Go and test and will see..
It seems some places have much more resolution, maybe the main place give the data to google or i dont know how that works..

I hope Outerra soon can work like actual simulators. So you can add your textures and meshes by cuadrants.. And customize your outerra like we did in Fsx for example..
Would be amazing we can download the data for our region and fly there (and people can put more data and just you download what you want to change).
I know for outerra be able to do that customized we will need to wait more, but for have some example in very big resolution maybe we can see in the next months if you want to test and if we find some free data able to add somewhere..

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Re: Think Outerra is up to this?
« Reply #16 on: September 20, 2014, 11:56:52 am »

It would be a good idea, jose. More accurate data sets + correct rock patterns and textures would be a key improvement of the engine, imagine a rafting or climbing simulator  ;D  ;D

could be these sharp formations generated by another algorithm like the one used for avoid "melted ice cream" effect on top of mountains?


"Galayos", one of most popular climbing places in Spain:

This one in narrow canyon "Hoces del Cabriel"
Large photo
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