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Very impressive


Hi, I would just like to say I am very impressed with your engine, would love to see some of the algorithms, especially for the terrain, I can see allot of potential for very interesting projects based upon this engine.
I have a couple of questions about this engine:

1) Is it a commercial project, or just a hobby?
2) Have you implemented networking support? (is it even possible as different users would have terrain generated differently?)

Hi Kye,

It's been a hobby project for some time but now it's become commercial one, we decided to fully focus on the development.
As for the networking support, there's no direct multiplayer networking code yet, but there doesn't necessarily have to be a specific code for the engine, other networking libraries can be used. But I suppose we will be doing our own, specific implementation anyway later.

The terrain is generated always the same - the random generators are seeded by the same values for given location; this is fairly common technique in procedural generators.


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