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Just wondering with the current physics engine, that I am assuming will remain for the game, what kind of physics interactions can we expect to be used.

The question stems from my friends and I driving around a 40km African track http://bit.ly/hrQdj2 and he fell into a river and got stuck. We joked about throwing him a tow rope, but I would suspect that type of thing would be possible with an engine like Bullet and some simple tool implementation. I imagine/hope the game would not simply auto-flip an overturned tatra because we have come this far for realism, why not go all the way.

Hitting objects and object/prop physics is also a bit of a mystery. I am sure fences would have some sort of value associated with them so that they could be fell by a large force, same with trees.

What other forces / constraints do you think we will see for the game? The ability to tow or drag things could be useful in a mining/vehicles simulator.

C. Shawn Smith:
LOL ... someone needs to teach you guys how to drive :P

You bring up some interesting points, though.  Just what kind of physics will ultimately drive the engine as a whole?  What about "airlifting" vehicles across country?  Or parachuting out an airplane? :)  Or the ultimate parachute jump:  Board the "mothership" and "dive" out the airlock, free-falling to the ground.

That last bit is going to be a sport one day ... diving from Low Earth Orbit to the ground.  It's been done once or twice already.  What an incredible experience THAT would be!

how about just the ability to pick up items. Small ones by hand but a crane or forklift for larger ones.

I cant imagine playing for long periods of time if everything is just menu/magic driven.

Well, I'm sure everyone would welcome if there was an advanced physics for vehicles and object interaction, but let's be realistic - it will take a lot of time. Initially we are after making a strategic world building game with first person elements, so you can drive the vehicles yourself but it's not meant to be a vehicle simulator like RoR. I mean - not initially, not to a depth.

Though, some things at this level can be done if they will be necessary for the basic game play. Which I thought would be about transporting stuff and exploring and maybe shooting something.

Not quite sure what you mean by advanced physics for vehicles. I assume the driving/flying physics should be pretty accurate from what has been seen in videos. Are you referring to hitbox physics?


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