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Author Topic: 4x4 Offroad game/Life Sim  (Read 6855 times)


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4x4 Offroad game/Life Sim
« on: April 19, 2014, 04:32:24 pm »


  I've been searching for an 4x4 Offroad game and it would be mainly built of dirt roads and some asphalt. When 4x4 Evo 2 came out I was in love with that game with what it had to offer.. and lately I haven't seen any games come out that came even close to it. I imagine the next 4x4 Offroad game that takes place on a large scale map such as a world would be more then suffice with over 100's of thousands of players in that world. In this game the vehicles will be licensed from real car companies with an abundant of vehicles ranging from old school to modern. Also this game should come with licensed aftermarket parts as well, so players can upgrade their vehicles when they get the money for it and by unlocking it by playing career mode. In multiplayer the player can create Clubs and they can plan trips to certain parts of the world with their club members, something similiar to Test Drive Unlimited but hopefully not as boring as Test Drive Unlimited was. I really did like the Co-Driver in TDU 2 and would be great to see in this offroad game and instead of only having one co-driver they should have multiple passengers and when they talk over the microphone you should be able to realistically hear them in vehicle. Also the front passenger can have the ability to change the radio station, and also the owner of the vehicle can buy entertainment for the passengers such as like a TV they can watch in the back seat while they wait until you get to the destination. Also there should be gas stations so players can fuel up on Petrol/gas.

  Players should also be able to get out of a vehicle and walk around and they can do things to outside of the vehicle such as setting up a camp and create a camp fire. The environment should have animals such as cougars,lions,bears,wolves,coyotes,Rabbits and such. Maybe add survival characteristics into the game to such as players need to eat so they'll have to hunt for food and cook the food and stuff. Also a housing system where players can either buy a house or build one. I know I'm getting a bit off-track here with my idea but having all this into a single game.. kind of like a second life sort of game but with infinite possibilities.