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HRTF binaural audio test

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Binaural audio test - use headphones.

A few weeks ago, I was watching (well, listening...) this video : and I thought it will be awesome to add this kind of trick into a 3D game engine to simulate accurate sounds position for human ears.

Seems like you did it for Outerra :)

Love you buddy.. This is an important update!

Truly amazing.

Hearing is a very understimated part of the way that our senses gives us the representation of the world.

Every little aspect of a sound environment tells us a lot of things even without using eyes (although eyesight has greater priority - there are a lot of tests about this matter).

This is a giant step forward in the path of making the ultimate immersive experience in a simulated world, well done!

Amazing work...I´m a sound nut and I love this. Directional sound FTW!!!


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