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Ambient occlusion

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Saw this post on outerra facebook page


Is this just and update texture of the cessna or is it a new automatic feature as all object would get ambient occlusion by default?

I guess it's real time ambient occlusion if i'm not wrong :)
Btw, that's great news!

Real time ambient occlusion would be amazing. It means that cloudy weather would look especially good and that i would not have to UV unwrap the whole Bismark to get some nice details in the shade  :)

Nice, it looks like a more basic AO implementation though.
Would be great to have it on terrain/ rocks.

It's real-time, a faster one. There are actually several different versions of AO algorithms we tested, each with its advantages and weaknesses. A stronger AO effect has some issues on the transition of grass to the terrain, and as a post-process it's problematic to resolve by itself.

AO will be probably made up from several separate algorithms in the end. Terrain will use a hierarchic AO computed from the generated geometry. Another algo for AO between terrain (including trees, which are currently producing fake AO on terrain). Real-time AO will go atop of it, acting on smaller scale details, mostly for objects and grass and such.


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