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C. Shawn Smith:
Was wondering if you guys have thought about releasing a sample model that can be used in-game?  Could give some of us 3d modelers something to analyze :)

I'm especially interested in the breakdown of the component hierarchy to see the different moving parts, as well as the displacement and normals.  Not to mention transparency and cockpit dials/switches/gears/displays/blah/blah/blah :D

Since I work solely in Lightwave, I have spent a little time trying to convert Lightwave models into a format that Blender will recognize, with only modest success (looks like I'm going to have to spend a lot of time flipping polygons and fixing bad vertices ... and don't get me started on the texturing issues :().

Sure, you could check the T813 model. Not that the hierarchies and everything there is final, the design of that is not yet fixed.

Note this model is derived from original by drracer at tatraportal.com/drracer, so you might want to get his permission if you would like to use it somewhere.

C. Shawn Smith:
Nah, it's just for analysis.  I'd like to do imports/exports to and from Lightwave to see exactly what's going on during the conversion process to understand what I would need to "fix" before doing an export to Blender (and from there to the engine).  When the demo is released, I'd like to test a few things out to get a proper workflow going, and be able to create a "Lightwave/Blender/Outerra Mod Tutorial" in place so that others using the application would understand the pratfalls I've been encountering so far.

Lightwave is very particular about its hierarchies for animation purposes, and I'm afraid it may not be "lenient" with Blender.  I'd hate to have to learn yet another 3d application :)

Thanks, this will help.  Hopefully this weekend I can get Lightwave reinstalled on a 64-bit OS to gain a little faster rendering times and conversions.

C. Shawn Smith:
Oh, and I see your modeler is using 3ds ... forgot about that.  That actually helps a great deal more  :D

It would be awesome if we could add our own models and characters :3


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