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Author Topic: New mig29 upgrade - now also with multiplayer text chat ! (release)  (Read 2929 times)


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Hello everybody ! 
While I continue to work on an implementation of a multiplayer game in outerra, meanwhile here I release a first mod that
has a working multiplayer ingame text chat, so with this mod we can now fly together in outerra and chat while in game.

The next feature I will add is to show the connected players position on a map or radarscreen.
For now as a start we can finally start to feel a little less lonly in outerra through this new mod of the mig29
which adds the chat feature to my previous mig29fly77 game ready mig. 
So you're encouraged to install it !
Looking forward to chat with you while flying together in outerra !

Next step will be to show our outerra positions on the small map or on a radarscreen.

Note: if you open the usual map with "m" key then to close the map by pressing the  "m" again as usual. The  ESC key doesn't act on the map.

Download the upgraded mig29 from here


1) click on self-installing mig29fly77-game-ready-with-chat.otx  file
2) drop fly77_plugin.dll into outerra/Anteworld/plugins folder...accept overwriting the old fly77 plugin one if you have it already. It won't break any of the other mods.

Controls: All mig and camera controls remain the same as in the last mig29fly77-game-ready version and you can find them at the following release post:

How to use the multiplayer ingame textchat overlay:
1) press the "t" key . It will bring up a small control screen in the top right of the screen.
2) press the red CHAT button in this screen. The chat screen will pop-up in the top-left screen-corner. Initially it will probably appear white
for some tens of second since the chat server  http://fly77-outerra-chat-server.glitch.me/ may need to wake up.
3)You need to type in a name of your choice and press login (note the name is just used so your messages can be identified as yours...nothing is stored anywhere on the server)
Its not a real login its just a textfield to add your name and you can change it every time you make pop up the chat window.
4) insert your message and press the "send" button.
5) each time you text something in the chat window the camera and mig controls will be lost, ...the same now happens if you click on the small map that you bring up with the "m" key.
..but don't worry just click with the mouse-cursor onto the grey small control window in the top right and camera and mig controls will be back and there is no need to keep the mouse cursor on the control window.

6) to exit the chat press ESC. The control window will still be shown. To  exit also the control window press ESC again.

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