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razgriz 53992:
Good interview, love the screens, a few we haven't seen :)

But now I can't wait for the demo, I need to teach myself the art of patience!

The question is do you have THIS in 1080?

Best screeny I have seen in OT.


--- Quote from: ZeosPantera ---The question is do you have THIS in 1080?
--- End quote ---

Here are HD screenshots which I made for that interview but were not finally used...

razgriz 53992:
The great thing is, in the last screenshot, user objects such as vehicles don't stick out like sore thumbs like in most games, they blend in the the landscape like in real life. That would make it great for FPSs.

or hide and seek

Happy you like it :) Its been posted in a few other forums as well with a link to battle.no, hopefully creating a buzz and interest about Outerra.


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