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Author Topic: Head-track based actions ?  (Read 2035 times)


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Head-track based actions ?
« on: August 19, 2014, 06:15:20 am »

Had a thought whyle playing with my BTRs periscopes on FreeTrackNoIR. Its qite nice to look trough them but, sometimes, the need to fix the view would be maybe a thing to consider. Lets say, if ya get with the camera in a certain small area near the periscope, if there would be a way to fix it in the best fitted position (predefined) for that particular periscope, till ya get your head back or to the side outside this defined area around the periscope. Also, maybe adding too a trigger to go automatically to the "aiming device view" (witch will be in many cases an special model with the cross-hair and special functionality key-set (zeroing cross-hair, NV, IRV, amunition and gun selection, etc.)). It would be a great boost in hard-core simulations in vehicles trough having the possibility to not use the keyboard in such a needed movement-based handling. (an option to have it turned on and off when position-tracking is enabled (best during game) would be needed too, as not in all situations would be holding the head at the "periscope/aiming device position") during playing.

P.S. : Should be in issues section, but whyle im talking about FreeTrackNoIR - it seems to rotate the view violently, when the OT menu is up whyle the applications runs (Tracker - FaceAPI v3.2.6 , FreeTrack 2.0 protocol and Acella filter Mk2 in FreeTracks options set) - it simply continues to rotate the cammera, but not in the increment of the head movement, but takes this increment as speed of endless rotation in its direction ...
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