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Author Topic: Filling the world with...anything worth exploring through.  (Read 2724 times)

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Filling the world with...anything worth exploring through.
« on: February 22, 2015, 10:09:14 am »

Following on from Abrahmat's thread's main question, and in the light of TitanIM's ground breaking news that they're developing a high detail world wide mil-sim, albeit for the military (good and very civilian things will surely follow), I wonder how could we fill this world with- firstly, even differing textures of places, not even Tropical vs Temperate, but how travelling through one area you won't get bored by the same grass passing by, a mountain side's geology not changing, the same breeds of tree again and again, but you actually feel like you're exploring new and different things as you go.

That is perhaps an extreme example of the attention needed, but are there other ways we can disperse the feeling of existing in a clinical world, that terrain will differ, that "rare loot" could be almost a norm due to the multitude of items, weapons and level of interface in the library?

These questions must come up a lot I think, and I don't have enough industry level knowledge to postulate what options would be available to solve it.

To throw the first ice pick at the glacier, suppose a game mode much like Command and Conquer, where you can set down and begin a mining/base building operation in which the- or A, separate engine generates a perimeter environment around you wherever you choose using a list of possibilities, from there as you venture it keeps running the algorithm of possibilities of what you will find (ore richness of the area you can detect underneath, are there abandoned complexes, does the terrain type differ a lot- mud, sand). From there this engine could always drop you down within...say 500 miles of a potential enemy opponent (or closer if using say WW2 era vehicles) to maintain a threat presence. 

This would be for land based games, but to address Sea warfare you could enlist or gain the support/have to deal with someone who has opted for a naval force to help you/your foe, using Aircraft carriers as a floating and moving base of operations, these issues may change what scenario you are going into and could be a full sim version of the game as a whole. Perhaps smaller quicker skirmish games could exist where distances are not so great.

I know War Thunder Sim battles have decreased in popularity (as far as we're told) perhaps due to the equipment needed (track IR, joysticks) but much like DCS, if the detail is given it can immerse the player as well, a hard balance.

Going to keep it general and leave it here before posing more questions than answers, and hope anything I've said sparks an idea in another, even if quite a different view.