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Instructions/help with Oculus Rift support:

In normal circumstances, Rift is detected automatically and HMD mode is entered right upon the start. In case of problems, please follow this checklist:

[*] Make sure you have Oculus Rift runtime version 0.4.2+ installed. Older runtimes are not detected by Oculus SDK.
[*] Set Rift display mode to extended, and don't forget to rotate the display in Windows Display/Screen resolution control panel
[*] Check if your Rift was detected - it is shown in the graphics menu under the stereoscopic tab.
[*] "Automatic Oculus Rift mode" in the stereoscopic tab must be checked
[*] Turn off Windows scaling - it may cause problems initializing Outerra on the right display

If all fails, please provide your eng.log so we can inspect what displays and resolutions were detected.

"Re-enabled mouse control in ufo flight mode with hmd", quote from release note version
The way it's re-enabled unfortunately gives me almost immediate nausea.
You can now not only move around and up and down with the mouse movement but also tilt (unintentional roll) the view which is a no go in Vr. So the floor is no more levelled and you feel like drunk.
The discribed behaviour applies for the normal ufo mode. Could you please fix that, it's really bad.
The flight mode (which I like very much in normal stereo mode) is also quite uneasy with automatic movement and auto roll. Not recommended for rift mode.
Panning around (in 3rd person view) to see a vehicle or aircraft from above and below is still not possible. It's stuck to the x-plane.

I guess there are too many tastes out there, and it will have to be configurable more extensively. Probably going to throw a bunch of checkboxes there.

For example, why pitching with mouse is ok but tilting (as if you were sat on a flying platform that tilts on turn) is not? I originally blocked both because both are something that is outside of your own willful head movement, and pitching induces nausea as well. In a short while I got used to it, then to the tilting as well.

I guess the problem is in the middle grounds - people who can't stand any externally induced motion simply won't touch the mouse, but the intermediate step to being able to handle a tilting horizon is pitch + optional levelled turn?
If it should not tilt, should it turn while keeping the level? Or completely ignored?

I'm still not sure, so let's fill a table, flight mode or UFO mode in VR (and optionally normal mode, not sure if there's any difference between stereo/mono mode):

  vertical mouse → [pitch/climb/-]
  horizontal mouse → [turn/tilt/strafe/-]
  automatic movement [  ]

I was wondering ,if anybody else experiences some judder when moving/looking with the DK2. I have a gtx 780 ti, and actually thought might be performance, but when i turned all the new settings off, like AO, AA incl. all shadows, i still get the same effect. - Is low persistence turned on automatically on startup with  the DK2 ?

Low persistence is on when the display refresh is 75 fps. When you open the menu, fps is shown in the lower right corner, do you have 75 there?


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