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VR support was removed with 64bit version quite some time ago. Never heared cameni talking about it again. So don't  hold your breath ;)

Oh noes! Outerra was my very first VR experience. Borrowed the DK1 from work, came home, fired up outerra and flew and flew and flew. When I finally removed the Oculus it was all dark around and I realized I was hungry, thirsty, had to go to the bathroom. It had been like 6 hours ;)

I hope Cameni reconsiders. A world simulation like this is perfect for VR, and frankly without it it's just not very interesting anymore to me sorry to say. I always really liked Cameni's wonderful engine. I haven't followed it for a while now and I wanted to fly around in VR in the cessna to check the developments and compare to MSFS world rendering. Couldn't find the VR button, jumped on here.

I feel a bit sad now...


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