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In the excitement and hype for the next Desert Bus for Hope (starting this Friday), I got working on trying to get a real Desert Bus game in the Outerra engine.


This cache file contains a full road from the real location on Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. The road follows actual real world routes you could travel to get between the cities, including the US 93 and the I10, so it's not a direct line, but you take the scenic route (which includes going over a canyon just downstream of where the Hoover Dam would be). As an extra bonus, the exact begning and end of the route is in front of a bus transit stations in their respective cities (though in real life, I think they're operated by different companies, so you wouldn't take a bus from one to the other). Google Maps says the route would take over 6 hours, but I don't know how long it would take in a a vehicle in Outerra, I should remind you that an SM11 bus is available in the paid version of the engine.

Making the route was a bit tricky, because no one told me there was a node limit on roads, so I had to make sepearate road segments and just place the ends near enough so the seams weren't too noticable. Also, after I laid a really long road, if I tried to edit it and click "Make Road", it would, without fail, crash the engine. Something for the devs to look at, then again, I doubt they thought anyone would make roads this long.

I'm going to keep going with this, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Nice. If this doesn't go viral nothing will.


--- Quote from: ZeosPantera on November 11, 2014, 01:41:12 pm ---Nice. If this doesn't go viral nothing will.

--- End quote ---

How do you even go about locating the track?

Good question: Hit "G" or "M" to give you a map overlay, and use it to go to either Tucson, Arizona, USA or Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

However, to save you the trouble, I've saved both locations and added them to this post, just download them and put them in the "Outerra/campos/earth folder", alongside "default.cam." Then when you start up Outerra, you should find both locations in the Locations menu, and instantly be able to go to both ends of the route.

Okay, double post but I made a video showcasing what I did:


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