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why don't we have this features in OT? Not speaking about the military stuff but the road tools, terrain handlings, zones exports/import,etc,etc .
Is titan making their own devloppement , separated from the "ot-crew"?

Titan uses OT scenery editor (alt+F1) and road editor. Not sure what you mean by terrain handling.
But otherwise yes, Titan is making their own app on top of the OT.


Occams Razer:
Hmm... I can't help but notice the moving train. Near-future feature, perhaps :D?

I am a bit worried that the cities won't look convincing at ground level until we get curb/sidewalk support, but it's nice seeing the streets of Outerra bustling with traffic. And the world as a whole with some life.

Still, that Brooklyn bridge really should be further off the water :P

There weren't any vehicles on that bridge, were there.  :P

But I was pretty much like this through the entire thing.  :o

And the Grand Canyon gave me memories of driving through it for lengthy periods of time in FUEL.  ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ Maybe sometime it'll look more rocky or properly shaped and colored, idk.  Impossibly massive task this thing is.  :))


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