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PythonPago and I have digged a bit to find info in this topic. In short : military oriented, VTS like tool but seems also to aim some civilian scenarios. The compagny is australian so it's not a direct Outerra project but one of their main partnership.
Hard to tell what elements have been developped for Outerra or are exclusive to this tool (I bet on the scenario tool and the vehicules/objects set they have devellopped for it).
Lot of interesting stuff, especially for the clouds wich can be really seen for the first time in motion (rendering artifacts included  :P).

--- Quote from: HiFlyer on December 02, 2014, 02:39:09 am ---Its interesting to me that this is all apparently filmed on a pretty old version of Outerra.

--- End quote ---

Seems to be a mix between old and more recent builds : some shots have the new forest system and even terrain shadows; Some other, like the battle in the middle, are limitd to the good old pine tree :)

I.. I don't understand... How do they have Outerra but not call it Outerra and have clouds implemented? This is just too much to take in! So much wow and confusion at the same time!

Because its a partner project which uses outerra as base ;) Its something like a professional mod

A blog post about TitanIM: http://outerra.blogspot.com/2014/12/titanim-outerra-based-military.html

OMG, who chose the badass music ?  ;D ...

Thanks for the news Cameni !


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