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From today (1 December 2015) this model is up and running again.
 To use it you have to download it again.

Here is the evolution of the good old Orca!
This new ORCA MSA (Master, Slave, Auto) can be used in three ways.

Single mode:
The orca can swim, dive deep, jump on the water and do some acrobatics.
For the complete list of possible commands read the file Readme_Orca_MSA.js that is located in the  ... /Outerra/pakages/andfly/ORCA_MS/Help created at unpacking the file "OTX" installation.
(The file extension ".js" because only in this way is included in the package "OTX", but it is a simple text file that should be renamed immediately with the extension "txt" to avoid confusion in future.)

If you enter in the scene other instances of the same model ORCA Master Slave Auto, the latest orca, with the user control and that responds to keyboard commands, you Auto-recognizes as: ORCA-MASTER and has the power to continually enter its coordinates in a group of common variables, specially prepared.
All other orcas are Auto-recognize as: ORCA-SLAVE and have the task of going to review the coordinates entered by ORCA MASTER and head in that direction.
In this way the pack of orcas remains compact and follows the killer whale controlled by the user in all His paths.

AUTO mode:
If you leave to itself the last orca (pressing ENTER) the pack becomes fully self and starts working the Auto mode.
In this mode the program itself which in turn elects an item as Master for a few seconds and then change it with another (always chosen at random) and so on and continuously.
At this point you can observe the movements of the pack that, respecting some basic parameters, the rest are absolutely random.
You can even take a boat and, lounging on the deck , with sunglasses and a cool drink in hand, chase the pack of orcas in the sea of Anteworld and enjoy their evolutions.

Have fun!

To Download the ORCA MSA:

A short video:


You gotta love the creativity.  ;D

Wow, this is awesome! :o You just created some kind of artificial intelligence!

Keep up the good work man, you're a very creative person andfly! ;)

Outerra is alive! Kudos!


--- Quote from: HiFlyer on December 07, 2014, 08:32:30 pm ---Hahahahahahahahah!!!!

You gotta love the creativity.  ;D

--- End quote ---
Or , maybe , I'm just a hopeless romantic dreamer ....
I hope at least to arouse a little curiosity about the enormous potential to have a whole world still virgin and open to all the possibilities of the wildest imagination ...

Thanks HiFlyer    ;D


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