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Any chance of a soft roadmap for the next two years?


Hello. I know this likely doesn't wash with your strategy, but I was just curious if we could at least get a soft (unofficial, highly subject to change) idea of your roadmap over the next couple of years.

I've been eagerly following this project since I first learned about it, and purchased the anteworld demo in support.

However, progress (no offense intended) seems to have been exceedingly slow, at least from this perspective.

Which is why it would be nice to have at least some idea of when we can begin to expect more visible and deliberate progress from the customer POV.

For example, those awesome looking 3d trees, rendered down to the individual leaf that were shown a couple of years ago :)

Thanks for your consideration.

Yes we are all more or less slightly impatient long time followers. I don't suppose the devs are twiddling thumbs though. At the beginning of the year there was an outlook for 2014 in outerra.blogspot. Maybe we can expect something similar again.

Our (loose) roadmap has been altered considerably by the requirements from our licensees, and the apparent progress slowdown is largely the result of that (I mean progress you could have expected from two guys). On the other hand, our commercial efforts have the same goals as OT ever had, and ultimately it will allow us to reach them quicker. We have already expanded our team and the results will be visible soon.

It affects some priorities. The (in)famous procedural trees still need a lot of R&D to get them fully usable in OT - seamless LOD switching, lighting, support for a wide variety of vegetation types etc. IMHO the "normal" 3D trees will be used before the procedural ones, even though they cannot reach the details and seamless switching of the procedural ones, but they will be much faster to do (not without problems on the OT scale though). However, 3D trees aren't that important for many uses of OT, they certainly come after the weather and particle effect rendering.

We want to outline a rough road map after we plan our contracted work, and incorporate other possible activities into it. The main tasks are world editing tools and import, weather and particle effects, and support functions for ballistics, physics etc. All of them will of course get into Anteworld once ready.

Thanks very much for taking the time to respond.


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