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Steam VR vs Oculus Rift.

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Steam VR VS Oculus... Which one would you choose?


The one with the overall higher resolution would be preferable at least for OT or other flight sims. Having good distance view is crucial. Fancy laser tracking is nice for walking experiences but not necessary for seated (cockpit) experience.
I have a DK2, and low rez with no antialiasing prevents me from using it for OT(beside from world tilting issue).
On the other hand final specs and hardware isn't there right now so there's no need to decide today.

I'm probably going with the Vive now.

I'm impressed with Steam product; it appeared from nowhere with all this cool stuff. But what about the support from games companies? Oculus definitely have it. If a game work with oculus, will work with Steam VR?

Anyone any idea of those hand-wielded balled thingies ?

 ... its supposed to be some Moscow university work, if that tweat is right ...


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