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After some changes to the rock coloring, here are some further changes to the terrain and rock texturing overall.

[*] higher contrast on rocks
[*] modified displacement - smaller rocks around rock faces
[*] larger scale patches for grass and dirt color tone modifications

I like it.. I think I can't tell which is which but one of them is an improvement!

Wow Cameni. Way way better! The changes you already made in the actual version, improved terrain a lot. And now those changes are another step.
The refinement to have smaller rocks was very necesary. Now they looks much more natural (before sometimes they was too huge).
Displacement pattern seems to be better too. That effect of the "volcanic" rocks is much less now. You can see what i say coveral in the first picture. Rocks look more square and natural now. (too much rounded and too much big was a lack in outerra rocks for me, and those changes are going directly to solve this lack).
Also making  green patterns biger make terrain look more natural! Great eye in the needs..
Its nice to see you are working in that task and also having very nice results. Few more improves and 30m mesh will make an almost perfect terrain.

The difference is really visible in the rocky area in the middle of the first image, and in the background slope for the last one. There must be interesting displacement tweaking here, because I think it's the first time I see a rock formation in Outerra that looks like layers of sediments. It's hard to see a global difference, but I do find the new pictures more natural :)

I know the trees and their size are temporary. But i think if in the next version you reduce de biggest size lets say in 25-30%, you will make a much more real world. The smaller size for me is ok, but the biggest and the average result is too big. Or maybe some specie, one or two can be almost that big but the general group should look less than actually.
Having smaller trees will be more natural and will make outerra terrain looks better and more natural too in my opinion. Coz now its like you see a scale problem when u are looking at the terrain. I can see in my place mountains, comparing with the real one. And i would say that with all the improvements lately in the terrain, this scale trees problem is the thing you can see  as fail more clear. the diference between what i see in real here and what i see in outerra.


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