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Evaluation of 30m elevation data in Outerra

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--- Quote from: HiFlyer on May 27, 2015, 05:28:08 pm ---Nice. When it comes, first thing I am going to do is wander the world to catalog any interesting Anomalies and explore out of the way areas!

Will also be interesting to see if there are any effects on road placement . .....

--- End quote ---

I could be wrong, but I'd assume they haven't implemented the auto-adjust to terrain yet, so it might end up a bit weird.  But it'll still be a while before we actually get it anyways, I think.

(and omg we have a delete post button now...  :o)

I was wondering how other sims overcome the smoothing issue, and it seems maybe they don't. There were some pictures shown of DCS Nevada, with their new engine, and I was surprised to see noticeable smoothing of the type once described as "melted Ice Cream"

Outerra seems to have it even worse if the engine is over-fractalizing. (Hey! A new word I just made up!)

Is Outerra exclusively using free data sources? I would be surprised if there were not cleaned up commercial versions of a lot of this data out there, though it may cost an arm and a leg........

Anyway........ I would still like to see how the higher resolution data handles very recognizable places like Devils Tower Wyoming (of close encounters of the third kind fame)

Or some of the locations I posted in my thread about unusual places to visit.


The 30 dataset enhance drastically the feeling you are seeing actual mountains. And that is from the distance: upclose should look fantastic.

"30m sources can definitely serve to make a better 76m OT base world dataset, but I'm not certain if the increased detail alone justifies the threefold increase in size, compared to the 76/30 compilation (not to the original 76/90 one)".

Future proof:

I would bet for the 30m data. All we know, each year hard disk space and bandwidth is less a problem.  For example, when I contracted my current internet supplier, I had 2 Megas. After just five years my speed have been increased to 20, without paying any more. I know it may not be the case for everyone, but is a tendency.

If you can have them both, you could offer the 76/30 as an alternative.

Perhaps one of the other options once discussed would work. The higher resolution set(s) only available as a torrent, while the lower(s) remain  for streaming use.........?

Just leave an option in the menu. CHECK HERE TO USE 30m DATASET. I mean I presume most people and most games/mods that come out of the final product of outerra will not require the whole earth. Even Cameni and AngryPig combined probably only covered 5% of the land masses at full resolution  in all their time developing OT. The world is HUGE. The 12gb 90m dataset is enough for most and when the option for 30 is available it can stream in in the background and correct whereever you are in a few seconds. I believe Cameni said from any one spot on earth it was about 40MB of data to generate 360° around the user all the way to the visible horizon at ground level. We have to up that quite a bit but that is where the built in torrent protocol can come in. Many servers all sharing bits of data to fill every need in small chunks. 160MB vs 40MB for as far as the eye can see seems reasonable.


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