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Honey I shrank the planet

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Recent code changes ultimately aimed at support for multiple planets and moons in solar system allow us to do some experiments with the existing planet Earth. I did a quick test with shrinking the planet by factor of 16, and checking if it would still work. It does, though there are some things that do not adapt yet - like clouds are now in space, atmospheric computations have some glitches, mountains are too steep, preserving their original height (though for artistic purposes they'd probably not be lowered by 16x).

Note this doesn't mean we'd want to degrade the engine or the full-scale world rendering that we've got; the inspiration for the test came when I saw the small No Mans Sky worlds.
Now we just have to paint the grass red :)

Interesting. So smaller bodies can now be made. How about bigger planets and rings?

It would be interesting to generate the dataset for mars and render that with OT. Probably it will look great without doing greater tweaks.

The clouds may be buggy, but it looks like a global cloud map with a planet of this size :-)

Edit: Even if the other planetary datasets are not ready, when the multi-planetary support will be possible, having a small sized earth orbiting around the normal one could be interesting!

Now just need to hire some orbital mechanics......


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