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Author Topic: Some Tire Info...  (Read 3981 times)

Occams Razer

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Some Tire Info...
« on: March 07, 2016, 07:20:01 pm »

Hello, all! I once mentioned that I'd come from the BeamNG.drive community, and thought that I'd share a little info from there in regards to vehicle behavior:


Obviously, not all of this is applicable due to its soft body physics-oriented nature (and ignoring all of the info about the developers, prior tire models, and game-specific lingo). And copying it may not be a legally pure thing to do, but it could give some direction as to how to sharpen the behavior of ground vehicles of all sizes and weights. As the blog posts linked above do indicate, there is some real-world data to compare against for this form of simulation, and the tire model is one of the most important elements in simulating a wheeled vehicle.

Where to find said data and how to use it is something I'm less sure on.