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Here is the link:

Basically what has been done so far:

- new UI framework to render dialogs (Javascript)
- sketch API to draw lines, images (C++)
- new 3D scene widget framework (Javascript)
- new camera controller to better suite the editing needs (non-linear zoom, smooth transition between different panning modes for different zoom levels, automatic / manual focus point)
- basic select / multiselect
- cursor showing elevation, distance, current axes
- camera / environment / time settings
- new entity / object browser with possibility to place objects
- object move operation with basic snapping (protractor / compass), cloning
- 3 different operating modes (copy terrain elevation / keep the sea level / align with object axis)

We have also migrated some of the dialogs to the new UI framework:

- location browser (already released)
- fbx importer
- object browser
- key binding editor

As there is still quite some work to be done to have all the functionality of the old UI, we will release the new sand box as a WIP in parallel to the old sand box. We would like to do it as soon as we have it stable, hopefully within next 1-2 weeks.

Some more pics (http://imgur.com/a/GeLTX):

Wow, thats really impressive!

Awesome! I'm lovin' it!

!!!! Woooww.... impatient !!!!!

✓ Nice UI
✓✓✓✓✓ Object cloning
✓ Multiselect
✓ Info on cursors
✓ All useful tools/data in the same window

→ That's fantastic!

Looks like my WIP scenery tutorial will need some updates :)


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