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Initial river support in Outerra, based on the road system. Meant mainly for smaller rivers, larger ones and lakes will be imported.

Great!  Can't wait to give it a try!   :)


zomg... The first good news I've had all day after a day of everything going wrong... (computer related)

Gotta get some flow direction in there  :P

Really amazing :) It's a small step but a huge improvement, I can't wait to place some rivers, the Talkeetna area will suddenly become a lot more interesting. Having real dynamic water will be a huge improvement !

Thanks a lot!

just this afternoon was editing a video about the most interesting planet lake, and is so big that it was impossible to use the mesh kw71, and I had to raise the sea level .. something I do not like to do.
this makes a big difference ... although ideally the main rivers and lakes that are already listed in a different color outerra automatically incorporated.
although it is true that the compeljidad not know this goal.

We do not know if it's the right direction ... but we move.
thank you.


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