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Moon Mod with 2k, 4k and 8k textures

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Hey everyone!

I made a texture mod for the new Moon in Outerra, which includes high resolution albedo and normal maps.

MediaFire Download: Moon Mod with 2k, 4k and 8k textures
Google Drive Download: Moon Mod with 2k, 4k and 8k textures
Updated 04-22-16

To install the mod, unzip the contents to your build directory packages/outerra/test_moon folder and overwrite the existing objdef file.

Example: C:/Anteworld/packages/outerra/test_moon

Set preferred matlib in test_moon.objdef
"matlib" : "test_moon_2k",
"matlib" : "test_moon_4k",
"matlib" : "test_moon_8k",

The objdef is set to use the 2k textures by default. 8k textures may have performance impact on some graphics cards.

Here is the camera position so you don't have to "fly all the way there"! ;)

MediaFire Download:Moon_campos
Google Drive Download:Moon_campos

Best regards,

Moon with new improved 8k normal map.

Old version:

You should include that old school moon from the first movie.

Looks great btw.


And no theme-parks aether :D

Great improvement!!  Thanks for the mod, Uriah!!   :)

Very nice indeed! Thanks Uriah


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