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how can i use outerra


    Hi! my company want to do some 3d applications . Is it possible to use outerra for this? And how with license for this engine?And how contact your company?

Sorry for language.

At the moment we are licensing Outerra only to individually selected projects. Due to the ongoing development we usually have to cooperate on these projects quite closely, implementing custom functionality and providing a higher level paid support. Currently it's usable primarily for special simulation projects.

Contact info is at www.outerra.com/wcontact.html.

When do you think Outerra engine will be available ? For now it is just a tease and we cannot start working seriously with it.

My start-up need to be sure of the availability asap to start creating and adding a load of work into it or we are forced to switch to an other Planet rendering engine. Give us please the necessary requirement. We need more. Is Outerra reserved for military third party companies ?  please let us know asap.. More we wait more we loose , everyday.

Thank you

Outerra engine won't be generally available for some time yet, not until we release our own game on it and actually make it possible to make games on it in the process.
It's not reserved for the military, but early access is practically possible only for projects compatible with existing development path, and ones where we directly participate and which has an adequate funding for that.

So it is no use really .. Would be good to have dates or a form to fill out maybe?


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