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Any news about railways?

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Almost every other thread here is bustling and active except the railways thread. Not many rail sim fans here I guess as opposed to the huge flight sim community. I am a fan of both flight and rail sims so I am interested to know how much is being done for railways. Are the developers neglecting this area totally for the time being or can we expect to see something soon?

I would soo like to see railways in OT myself :)

Railways are waiting for a critical component that's needed for their rendering, which is the spline-driven geometry generator. That in turn needs some upgrades of material renderer system which are currently being incorporated, which are also based on the results of rendering performance benchmark we are currently evaluating, which should also bring some speedups in other areas.

It is great news ..
He conquered the American West trains.
it is high time to conquer also outerra.


Railways need bridges, and bridges lead to highway overpasses and other good things........

Its 10 months now so how soon is railways going to make an entry into the beautiful word of Outerra?


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