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Beat me by seconds :)

I have made a joystick once before out of an arduino using teensy: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/
Makes it very simple to make into a joystick.  I last did it to create a custom yoke for X-plane, it worked well until I ran out of time and just bought one.  (which doesn't work much better than the one I had)

I can use that pretty easily I think, this is looking more possible every second.


You absolutely need a Oculus Rift for this purpose. Otherwise it seems to be something that is doable today with the engine in it's current state.


--- Quote from: Leanier on December 06, 2015, 10:37:11 pm ---However, maybe I could modify my bike setup to include a method for turning.  sensor on the handlebar that will measure it turning, or some allowance for slight lean and measurement therein.

--- End quote ---

... maybe im just stupid, but I would just duckt-tape an older mouse on the rotating handle and give something in front of the laser to run on. Such easy mouse-turning.  =D  =D

P.S.: There was that guy doing that home-pit hanging glider ... http://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=997.msg11594#msg11594 ... if a proper model for a bicycle would be done (physics i mean), you could even build some vibrations/hydraulic leaning system based on the forces on the wheels. Would be pretty interesting to hopp-arround down some mountain track then. ( but might just end up as a more sophisticated rodeo-machine :D )

I know the Teensy well. I just finished making a 747 FMC using a single Teensy.

RRE:: Oculus... I have a DK2...I get rotten motion sickness if I don't have a 'static' frame of reference. ie. some kind of cockpit surrounding me. Be sure you can look down and see some handlebars occasionally.

I could see a real world product in this... One of those doo-hickies you stick under the back wheel of your bike with a usb cable coming out of it and straight into the pc and outerra. Maybe a little linear actuator on it to give some bump feedback.

@Cameni.. how's that OSM import coming along?.. all the gyms in all the world with exercise bikes all hooked up to Outerra. "Where will I  ride today?"
That's one hell of a market!


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