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Hi everybody

A while ago we decided to make a few tests measuring the rendering performance of modern GPUs, that should help us decide the optimal rendering strategy and data layout for various types of rendering tasks an upcoming features. We ran the tests on a couple of graphics cards, and the preliminary results of these tests are very interesting, for example here are graphs from our procedural grass test:

Raw performance Mtris/s

Performance/price, Mtris/s per dollar

In order to gather more complete data, we would like to ask you to download the performance test, and after unpacking run the two test suites there: grass_test.bat and buildings_test.bat
When each tests completes, you will see your score, and you will be asked to send the results to us so we can incorporate results from different hardware into our results.

Please note that the test program requires OpenGL 4.x drivers and it may not run on some older cards that only support OpenGL 3.x. Also, the test program requires 64-bit Windows.
If you run dctest64.exe alone, you will see a different test that will be ready later. This initial build is mainly testing procedural rendering, whereas the following one will deal with model rendering performance.

You can download the test here: outerra_perf_tests.zip
Run grass_test.bat and after it finishes also buildings_test.bat

Thanks for your help! Complete results will be published on Outerra blog together with comments.

Mcafee Antivirus hates this file!  :P =D

Web detect did'nt want to let me download it, but it runs fine.

Hmm I should probably sign the exe to lessen their worries :)

Hmm... Lower set of cards than I expected.

Before I do, you think this is busted with the current latest Nvidia drivers like Outerra is?

Both tests run just fine, but dctest64.exe just crash when I want to send the results (this .exe is correctly allowed in Comodo antivirus).

After many attempts and in a moment of luck I was able the send the grass results (I didn't anything different), but I have had no luck to send the buildings test result.


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