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Vision Summit 2016 - Unity Technologies


Unity Technologies Introduces Vision Summit 2016
On 10 and 11 February will be held in Hollywood (California) event professionals virtual reality (VR) and augmented it with the best presence of companies and computer and several senior professionals ... .Oculus, Sony (Play Station VR), Google, Valve, Microsoft HoloLens (Windows Holographic), Steam VR, etc .. Anyone touching the "in situ" future opportunity.

Unity Technologies, the company behind the engine that bears his name, is proving to have a strong commitment to virtual reality, proposed the creation of this event. The company has supported since the beginning of this new phase of renaissance, being chosen by many indie developers since the time of Oculus DK1, DK2 and later with the option; this support (including free native support in his motor), allowed the creation of a lot of content from countless developers, one of the keys to the popularization of virtual reality.

Free native support for Unity SteamVR
Valve and Unity Technologies announced a new partnership to provide free SteamVR native support for Unity, which the developers were waiting for a while.

Display Week 2017

Los nuevos paneles de Samsung para realidad virtual funcionarían en el Oculus Rift o el HTC Vive, con el mismo refresco de 90 Herzios, pero con una densidad de píxeles casi tres veces y media superior.
During the Display Week 2017 Conference held last week in Los Angeles, Samsung showed an ultra high resolution display for virtual reality helmets, with 3.4 times more pixels than the current screens of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The old panels had 460 pixels per inch, while the current panels reached 858 in the 3.5 "format. The new panels have 2024 by 2200 pixels, the 90Hz refreshment of the old ones and a brightness of 100 nits. Used one-by-eye, they would give a combined resolution of 4048x2200 pixels, slightly higher than the 3840 × 2160 that are considered 4K.




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