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Since it was introduced the wind in Outerra I dreamed of building a model sailboat.
When I had a little time I began to experiment and I noticed that the wind does not affect the motion of the ship models but only that of flying models
 (probably acts on the JsbSim characteristics and does not affect models that use Bullet Phisics) .
This, after all, it was lucky , because I did not know how to set the sails of a boat as "collision meches" and give them the aerodynamic characteristics necessary to "respond" to the wind Outerra and determine the thrust of progress model.
So I searched on the Web some manual of sailing and I realized that, remaining the basic interactions and without trying to implement sophisticated interactions, was not so difficult to write the algorithms that apply the force of the wind to the sails of a boat and it determine the movement in the sea.

So .... here is the model of a sailing boat!

I repeat ... I have not tried an "absolute" closeness to reality, only the "appearance of realism" that should allow you to sail with this boat in an interactive and fun way: I hope I succeeded ...

I developed the model with the default setting of Anteworl (wind at 10 m/sec) to be able to sail immediately, but you can change the wind speed and its direction in the Anteworld menu to amplify or reduce the effects of the thrusts.

The manual that lists the commands of the sailboat is in the "Help" folder of the model.

To all .... Good navigation !!!

To Download Sail Boat:

A short video:

Absolutely awesome! Thank You very much!  =D

File Sail_boat.andfly.otx It contained a virus and was removed. :facepalm: :facepalm: :) :)

Wooow!!! That looks so peaceful!!! Love how the sailors move their head!!

great contribution

Virus ¿? ,, Are called false positives, error detection algorithms, caused mostly by comparing arhivos database of signatures -Base -. Which are ineffective against new threats where the virus is not static but changes your code without stopping.
Remember when Security Essentials, AVG Micorsoft and erased the file "user 32.dll" damaging infinite pc user. At that time ...
Quiet,, download it has nothing to fear .... I believe ?  ^-^ ^-^


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