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Author Topic: In Search of a Good Driving Game  (Read 3598 times)


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In Search of a Good Driving Game
« on: July 06, 2016, 02:58:59 am »

NOTE: Please read the entire topic before adding a reply

Good day! For quite a while now I have been looking around for quite a while for nice "Road Trip" driving game.

Things I want to find in a driving game:

HUGE Map in which one can drive around and is quite detailed.

Old cars in which have reliability and can break down.

Resource system, have money and economy and fuel as well as others.

The ability to get out of car and do interactions that are based around the car.

That should be all, I guess you could call this a wish list, I am just hoping that there is a hidden gem of a great driving game in which some of these things are fulfilled.

Here is a list of games that I have played and have gotton close to the predefiened wishlist.

The Crew:

+Large map.
+Nice environment for a therapeutic driving experience.

-Not a lot of cars available.
-Awful physics.
-Not much to do in free roam.
-Micro transactions.
-Too much of a heavy focus on multiplayer.
-Driving experience is held back due to the fact that there are no vehicles in which one can 'cruise' at a slow pace.


+HUGE map.
+Nice atmosphere.
+Good range of cars.

-Racing is awful.
-AI is awful.
-Again, not much to do in free roam.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

+Great selection of cars.
+A nice sense of accomplishment and ownership.
+Map is an okay size.

-Online elements that have long been shut down.
-Awful physics.
-Campaign is a drag.

Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box

+Great crash physics.
+Good feeling of adrenaline.

-Small map.
-Not much personalization on the vehicle level.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

+Great sense of travelling.
+Nice large map.

-You can only drive trucks. (Note: I know there are mods that can help this)
-Map is not very detailed and the cities are extremely small.
-Physics are not very good.


+Extremely great physics simulation.
+Good community to create content.

-Early Access (As of 07/16)
-Not much interaction between player and vehicle


+Great vehicle physics.
+Terrain deformation.
+Okay sized maps.
+Good interaction with vehicle.

-Awful camera.
-No sense of distance or travel.
-No long distance driving.


+Great vehicle interaction.
+Vehicle reliability and resources.
+Upgrades and customization to vehicle.

-Early Access.
-Maps and roads are based on predetermined routes.
-Physics are not good.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015
(Note: I know the main focus of this game is a mechanic simulation. I just like some of the concepts of in depth vehicle customization.)

+In depth mechanical simulation
+Reliability simulation

-Driving aspect of game is really under developed and not main focus.
-As said above, since driving is not main focus, it is lacking in many fields.

That should be all. Again, I am looking more for an underrated driving game (Not one that is just a racing simulation in a closed circuit). I already know of AAA open world games such as GTAV and others. Thank you for your answers, sorry if this post may be confusing (At the time that I wrote it I was feeling very drowsy). Thank you for your support.