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To enrich the number of "independent living forms" already present in Anteworld propose a couple of models that relate to the underwater world.

A bunch of anchovies:

And a group of colorful fish swimming among corals:

I hope they are pleasant.

A short video:

We need our advanced fish AI.

Just: Wooow!!!  :D 


--- Quote from: Jagerbomber on August 06, 2016, 08:13:54 pm ---We need our advanced fish AI.

--- End quote ---

If you're referring to a form of AI that responds, fixed and provided by the program, the events that occur during simulation ... you can do it!
You can, with ease, set a behavior that provides ideal diving depth, change of direction in the presence of obstacles, return to preset coordinates if you stray too far, agreed actions (turns, jumps out of the water, emission of sounds .. .) or randomly or provoked by the situations covered by the program.

If, however, with "advanced AI" images the ability to:
- Recognize the events.
- Implement a "response" behavior
- To recognize the effectiveness of the implemented behavior.
- To propose again the same behavior (or other behavior that got a better score) when you encounter the same event.
So ... it's getting vastly more complicated!

Evolution took a huge time to get to the current brains in possession of living forms.
When an animal decide a strategy of behavior that may seem immediate and simple, actually compares thousands of information already stored in its neuronal connections.
Understand the mechanisms and groped to play them in an increasingly database close to reality is the dream and the continued study of robotics institutes and not at all easy!

Sure, it would be very attractive to try to approach this subject, perhaps trying to play the elementary reactions and the simplest possible (perhaps even of Outerra ...).
But we still lack something essential: the ability to REMEMBER.
I could not find, in the JavaScript used in Outerra, the ability to WRITE FILE.
Surely you can work around the problem with a dll, but this is beyond my abilities.
And then ... in all honesty ... I seem to really cross over into science fiction ...
It would require a very serious study on the subject ... and I do not know if I would be able ...

It remains, however, an extremely fascinating dream that sometimes occupies my mind, immediately followed by removal of the thoughts on the difficulties involved ...


--- Quote from: KW71 on August 06, 2016, 08:23:34 pm ---Just: Wooow!!!  :D

--- End quote ---

Just (again): Thanks !  :D


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