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Author Topic: Who would like there to be a "ALL Simulator"?  (Read 3714 times)


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Who would like there to be a "ALL Simulator"?
« on: October 27, 2016, 07:38:47 pm »

Hello friends!

First I want to congratulate for Outerra, is a incredible engine.
It is admirable the work you still in alpha. I believe that someone can build something very promising, so I already got the full access.

Well, I like simulators so much. Cars, motorcycles, airplanes, space, life, city, games in first person etc.

I always imagined that some day someone could create a "ALL Simulator". A simulator of everything. And the closest I've seen some company arrive was the RockStar with GTA V.

But even GTA V is not exactly what I always imagined.

A "ALL Simulator" must allow:

- Getting in and out of any vehicle.
- Driving any vehicle.
- Have vision in 1st and 3rd person in any vehicle.
- Interacting with panels of vehicles (live panel with dials and clickable buttons, not static).
- That the player go where he wants. Being an open world. Respecting the laws of physics.
- Interact with the world. Sit, lie down, swimming ...
- Have houses, buildings, shops, with interior and objects.
- Interacting with objects (as in The Sims).
- Interact with light objects (like in Half-Life 2 and others).
- And many other interactions and details that the community can help by suggesting ...

That is, a mixture of various types of simulations. Simulators of vehicles, life, city, space, marine and submarine. As much as possible with the software and hardware currently available.

Not need to simulate an entire universe. Suffice our planet Earth, with the chance to go to space for a station in orbit maybe.

Who consider good idea collaborate encouraging and suggesting details.

Maybe someone someday create.  ;)

That's all, thank you for your attention!

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Re: Who would like there to be a "ALL Simulator"?
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2016, 07:56:37 pm »

I too have dreamt of such a game (im sure most gamers will have some similar 'Perfect Game') and I also see the potential in Outerra to create such an environment. The world is your oyster, I suppose. If you can build it...

I guess you just gotta find a comfortable chair and wait for development. If you have anything to contribute Im sure it's welcomed here.


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Re: Who would like there to be a "ALL Simulator"?
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2016, 08:24:53 pm »

It would be a dream. I would love to see that, even if it would be possible only in the long term.
"A man who is contented with what he has done, will never become famous for what he will do".


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Re: Who would like there to be a "ALL Simulator"?
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2016, 08:05:37 am »

If you have anything to contribute Im sure it's welcomed here.

My programming skills and development are small. I think I can contribute only helping to test, try, give opinions, suggestions and ideas. ;)

Occams Razer

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Re: Who would like there to be a "ALL Simulator"?
« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2016, 12:48:47 am »

I know this discussion seems to have trailed off, but I like the occasional thought experiment, so I'll chime in.

The hardest part development-side would likely be managing the various simulations running. It's hard to make a good flight simulator, but infinitely harder to make a good flight simulator that is also simultaneously a good sailing simulator. With limited development resources you'd have two primary options: fully polish one sim, then move on to the next, or get every simulator started and incrementally add features to all of them. I'd recommend the latter.

You'd also need some direction, at least as it pertains to the human character that the player would be occupying. Would it be basic, heavily-polished, or feature-heavy? Would it be weighty, meant to limit the movement of the player, the way that a real body would (ArmA), or would it be responsive, built to not get in the way of the player's fun (Dishonored)?

Naturally, you'd need other simulations than the one you're actually playing with directly. The economy factors into what goods need to be shipped overseas, where passengers are commuting to and from along the railway, etc. Holidays and time of year decide whether loads of fireworks need to be trucked in for Stuttgart's New Year's celebration, or whether the Garrett family is taking the plane to Denver for Thanksgiving. Politics decide border closings, embargoes, and no-fly zones. Perhaps you can't get your 300 passengers across the India-Pakistan border via jet, after all. But you can sure make use of the opportunity and smuggle gray-market pharmaceuticals across via bush plane.

If you're looking for loads of building interiors, that's probably going to come at a cost of some sort. OSM data may be able to recreate building exteriors, in however rough a form, but beyond that, you're going to need one or more artists. I'd say prioritize buildings that are essential for vehicle operations (railway stations, lighthouses, airports), can be used as landmarks (again, lighthouses, water and transmission towers), or are simply remote enough that some heavy-handed repetition is likely to go unnoticed. Unless you could get a large team of artists working on this, or could make use of procedural interiors, you'd be advised to avoid cities. Which puts a damper on the life simulator part of your proposition.


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Re: Who would like there to be a "ALL Simulator"?
« Reply #5 on: November 27, 2016, 12:19:28 pm »

 ... just as said some times before ... some standardization will be needed in all the things. But if kept, a lot of stuff could be added by modders (count-wise). Also, the question of some standard action-animations vs. per-model animations for all the things, like oppening cars, switching switches on stuff up to small furniture. sitting on various heights set obiects and seats, entering/escaping different vehicles etc. All also having some same level of detail in mind, LODs, collisions ...

But im in great favor in such a idea. Also, if some standard animations would be for all imported objects white some custom ones being able to be added to some of them is also a possible way to go.

Id thought also about some additional parameters, as even some inventory could arrise - mass and "size". Mass would say how much of stuff you can carry around in inventory ( its already a standard for vehicles - just putting it to other obects would be great ) and hands and the implications (slow walk, getting tired etc.) while even moving and pushing/pulling objects could be a part of it. .. the "size" one limmiting inventory intake additionaly to weight. (kinda like the Deus-Ex inventory puzzle, but trough some math-approach behind the scenes, where inventoryes (backpacks, etc.) had theyr size and if some ower-sized object is there, it limits others to be added ... ) while in vehicles like trucks, the weight and collision meshes would may be enough.

Would be also great if assets could be placed server-wise and be downloaded trough scenery data like terrain if one would download someones other scenery. Maybe even users having some cloud-spaces white theyr own stuff and positioning scenery data, witch would be shared to others ? ( really big dreaming here, but be cool as hell, but implies to a server-related game mode ( aldoe, space on earth is enough, but the need of having more server-earths for different usage of the same area to witch people would synch./download pos. data and stuff by OT ? ) )

As said, some standards to be found, defined, tryed and used en mass on all objects ... being maybe the hardest part compared to doing the model, texturing and animation works themselves. And many uses (car-sims, aerial-sims, watercaft-sims, space-sims, building and objects) have theyr special needs witch has to be taken into mind to have them all work properly together as Occams Razer points out.

Be great to do some one of all sorts of vehicles in full-clic detail, having some transportation capability, a set of objects and play aroud to see how stuff needs to be done based on theyr interactions ( keep in mind ships ( both water- and spaceships ) and bigger planes ( like big-ass transporters of the Mryia kind ), just as big indor-capable buildings would probably need some internal LOD-blending too, just imagine going trough a 13-store building or a medium to large size submarine - rendering the full model is probably owerkill. Showing just parts visible for people running around them, for them, is probably necessary. Especially if you are lets say as a pilot and doesnt need to see anything else as the cockpit, that will already have a lot of stuff in full-clic detail ) ...
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