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Author Topic: OUTERRA as a tool for animators  (Read 1777 times)


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OUTERRA as a tool for animators
« on: December 01, 2017, 01:08:00 pm »


I discovered Outerra via a recommendation from a friend who is an animator. All of the animation packages are great at creating and using small  sets but they suck at providing any way to create grand outdoor sets.

There is a lot of overlap between games and animations. In fact, the animation package I use is built on the Unreal engine.

I'd like to start evangelizing the usefulness of Outerra as a way for animators to create vistas that would otherwise be impossible, but I don't want to start movement in a direction that is undesirable for the people of this forum. (Please let me know if it is OK to go down the rabbit hole of telling animators about Outerra)

I know there is already impatience among the core users for a working game. Diverting resources or attention to animation questions may not be good.  However, I'm pretty much volunteering to take all of that elsewhere by hosting a forum that helps animators use Outerra.

One big question that you should consider is how to license the use of your proprietary scenes for use in video.  If you do nothing, people will just use it and you won't make any money.

I think if you have a license agreement oriented toward film making, most people who want to use Outerra in that way will be happy to pay for the right to do so.

As software for animation becomes more affordable, the number of people who need backgrounds for animation is growing steadily. You are well-positioned to offer this demographic something they need.  If you price the license in tiers (smaller price for hobbyists and a larger price for commercial video) you might find that a whole new income stream opens up for you.

That's all for now, except to say that what animators need from Outerra is already possible. I don't think you'd need to change anything or divert development resources to bring animators on as customers.  You might include the ability to import models etc as part of the license... but you already have that built.

Animators who want to learn more about Outerra as a tool for animation may benefit from the information found on this forum: http://anizu.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=23
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Re: OUTERRA as a tool for animators
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2017, 01:16:30 pm »

it may be worth mentioning that other video background services cost anywhere from $99 per year to thousands.  This gives you an idea of what animators are used to paying for background video.

One difference is that they control the video until people pay for it, whereas the free version of your tech demo makes it easy for people to screen capture background video and use it without paying.

However, maybe you can use the honor system. A little extra income from honest people is better than no extra income.