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Can I use this program to make animations?


Hello, my name is nahured and I would like to know with all due respect if your graphics engine could be used to make animations. Well, what I mean is that making a map is a very arduous job of making your own an animation student and I like your program to make animations on the map.
I discovered this program about a year ago, and recently I started to study animation, (I'm Argentine) sorry for the bad translation  =| I am using google translator, good to what I was talking about, I would like to know if I can use it to make animations, or export maps to programs like 4D cinema or blender or Maya XD you already understand me.

Thank you for your attention  :))


Si lo que buscas es hacer tus animaciones y exportarlas a Outerra, no creo que este sea el momento propicio. El mercenario funciona con animaciones importadas en el motor, pero no estoy seguro que eso este disponible ahora para todos los usuarios. Andfly importó modelos con armaduras desde Blender, pero las anima sólo a base de scripts.



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