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it is spanish bestiality means impressive, incredible .. likewise the gooble translator put something else ?? I dont know.. ::) ??? 8)
what does it mean when you read it?


--- Quote from: aWac9 on May 03, 2020, 01:04:07 pm ---what does it mean when you read it?

--- End quote ---
oh, in the english language, the meaning of it... it's not good at all. and probably shouldn't be discussed here.


In my opinion Outerra should update the prices. At the beginning (in the genesis of time) it cost $ 15 I think, but back then the engine was very bare and the price was adjusted ... In this next update, the engine will make a Copernican leap, and I think the team of outerra could use some income, very deserved .... without income we cannot progress .. with new resources we could move faster towards a stable beta.
Every time I eat a pizza, I am aware that it is the same as I paid for in the past by outerra Anteworld.
This should be considered ,, of course it is my opinion ,, I suppose that there will be others who will think differently ,, and even many will protest while eating a packet (Frito-Lay) of 100 g potato chips that cost € 2 without realizing that the kg costs € 20

(note: I hope that google translator does not misinterpret me.)


--- Quote from: aWac9 on May 03, 2020, 12:12:58 pm ---Falcon .. impossible ,, that I know the property rights of that game is owned by ATari and marketed by TOMMO. this is why BMS needs Falcon 4.0 v. 1.8 for its operation.
Unless you have reached a commercial agreement with Atari.
Falcón with new architecture and new textures would be a bestiality in Outerra ... you have to think that the development of falcon in BMS has a spectacular military level.

--- End quote ---

Let's see, a far strech here:
Actually...Falcon's source code has been leaked.
That's your base.
then you need to rewrite the most of the code's parts to interact with OT anyway, so you actually write new code as the FM, weapons, ballistics, radars would need calculations in relation with OT's terrain. You need to update graphics to actual standards, add VR, etc...and you end with a brand new 99% code.
You build and double encrypt files so the code is protected.

This will feel like Falcon 4.0 but won't look like it.
You call it "Free Falcon" or whatever name with falcon in it (except "fighting falcon" and "falcon", because those are TM'd ) and you have it.
the issue would be the money to pay the coders to do it in a reasonably short time and the money to pay Kameni for the use of OT  =D



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