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I have a game idea for this engine, it will be an RTS that is set in the Paleolithic-Mesolithic-Neolithic ages.
Different areas of the world will have different genetics of course, and the architecture and overall culture of the people will vary based on history. I'd like for there to be a physics engine involved as well (physics-based actions, and destructible environment). There would be a large variety of all sorts of different animals in certain areas of the world that would be appropriate for them. There would be hunting, gathering, farming, raiding, wars, skrimishes, alliances, all sorts of things that would happen. I would also like a sort of game mode where you can create your own life, like a clean slate, and make your own humanoid species to migrate and grow over the world.  This would basically be a Historically Accurate Early Civilization Simulator I guess. Feel free to discuss about this.

Hello? It puzzles me that there aren't any replies to my Post, while there are plenty of people replying to the "Bicycle Simulator" idea.

Thank you for your post Audumbla, I appreciate the time it took you to come up with this brilliant idea! ^-^

But seriously, the Bicycle Simulator thing was a relatively simple concept, and there happened to be a response from community on how to achieve that specifically.
If you go through this board, you'll find a crap ton of similar posts on do-anything game ideas in some historic time frame (and boy, some of them don't have any replies also). While this is all fine, I would personally contemplate on the engine progress and milestones rather then on something cool in theory but barely achievable in reality.

And the forum hasn't been that active recently, so that's probably another reason.

Or become a developer!  8)


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